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Coaching Services 

Hey actors, let's face it...our industry is highly competitive, and we face many challenges in the pursuit of our dreams. Besides talent, it takes hard work, dedication, discipline, and perseverance to succeed in this field. And yes, there's a whole lot we can't control, but there is one thing we can control...our performance. This is where I can be of service. I can help you prepare for auditions, self-tapes, workshops, and showcases, while helping you refine your craft. I can also serve as a reader for your self-tapes.

Ready to book a session? All sessions are via Zoom. 

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1 hr - $50

Do you need help with a scene? Let me be your guide. I can help you understand a scene fully, moment by moment, beat by beat. Once you understand the scene and are ready to self-tape, you can choose a reader of your liking or book me to read the scene with you. I can make light adjustments throughout that process if you wish. 

Get help with: 

  • Script Analysis and Breakdown

  • Understanding the Character

  • Character Motives, Objectives, and Super Objectives

  • Actions, Tactics, Ideas, and Choices

  • Personalization and As-ifs

  • Audition Technique ​


I prefer actors be off book so we can really delve into the work and not have to waste time on memorizing.


Reader Only

1 hr - $25

or $8 for 15 mins

(or any part thereof)

I offer minor adjustments as necessary and offer some notes

if you'd like, but don’t go as in-depth as when I coach.

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